Six steps to Health and Safety at Work Compliance.

1.         Review documentation.

  • Read and review all documentation provided by the workplace specialist consultant to identify any areas that may require changing or further development in consultation with the ESNZ advice team.
  • Read the review letter which contains the date and time of your follow up teleconference and the answers to any specific questions you may have asked the consultant at the time of review.

2.         Consult with workers.

  • ‘Plant the seed’ to avoid any shock factor and to achieve an open and consultative process.
  • May be done during staff meeting, toolbox talk or by internal memorandum.
  • Utilise the provided staff meeting template or toolbox talk form to document any consultation in person.
  • Advise of the forthcoming process and explain the purpose behind any new documentation to be implemented.

3.         Address identified issues.

    • Review all issues identified in both sections of the corrective action plan.


  • Prioritise your tasks according to the provided risk ratings to ensure high risk issues are addressed first.
  • Work your way through each of the corrective actions documenting how you have addressed them to demonstrate that each action has been completed.

4.         Implement workplace policies and procedures.

  • Utilise the provided forms and tools to create workplace procedural documents such as risk assessments, safe operating procedures and registers.
  • Ensure all relevant workers are consulted with when producing documentation relating to tasks performed in the workplace.
  • Organise any required training and instruction for workers.
  • Review any pre-existing organisational documentation to ensure it aligns with policies and procedures.

5.         Issue health and safety handbook.

  • Retain and file returned worker acknowledgement forms.
  • Advise of the date at which acknowledgement forms should be returned – allow at least seven days for employees to review and seek clarification.
  • Organise a follow up meeting with workers to allow any questions to be asked about the health and safety handbook or any other relelvant chan
  • ges to health and safety within the organisation.
  • Contractors who are engaged should be issued a copy of the HSW Manual to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities within the workplace.

6.         Review and monitor.

  • Set calendar reminders for any documents which need to be reviewed periodically (eg hazardous substance inventory).
  • Monitor workplace activities in accordance with the provided policies in the health and safety manual.
  • Review any new documentation created by implementation of the health and safety management system in the workplace.

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