Health and Safety Compliance - Audits, Meetings, Records


Lets work together:

  • We will get your Health & Safety Meetings, Incidents and associated Records organised to ensure your documents and procedures are compliant with the relevant Health and Safety legislation, regulations and/or codes of practice.
  • We can ensure areas of Health and Safety are seen as opportunities for improvement within your workplace.
  • We will explain Health and Safety responsibilities under the legislation and best practice in your industry.
  • We can assist with implementing a Health and Safety meeting and recording regime that is practical and works with your business practices in a timely and regular manner.

Dont forget the Health and Safety annual review:

  • Once your new Health & Safety policies and procedures have been implemented then its time to work towards your annual review to ensure compliance with the H&S Legislative Requirements.
  • To assist your annual review being successful we can assist your regular meetings and recordings to keep your records and training up to date.

Record and Report Health and Safety Near Miss, Incident and Accidents:

  • If there is a serious Health and safety harm accident at your workplace we’ll be there to work beside you.
  • We will help you complete the required health and safety documentation and assist with the accident investigation to ensure you meet your health and safety obligations.
  • We’ll also arrange a health and safety debrief to ensure learnings from the incident and adjust training/documentation to minimise the chance of a similar accident happening again.

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