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EmploySafeNZ is a New Zealand owned and operated company specialising in workplace Health and Safety systems, policies and procedures.

Our specialist knowledge and practical advice helps ensure your business is Compliant with Health and Safety Legislation and Industry Codes of Practice, whilst ensuring your entire teams safety.

EmploySafeNZ offer the following services:

  • Specialist and personalised Health and Safety Advice compliant with New Zealand’s Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 ("HSWA") and associated Regulations;
  • Assist all sectors and industries to become Health and Safety Compliant;
  • Aid small to medium sized businesses meet their Health and Safety legislative obligations;
  • Provide cost effective services and solutions;
  • Support businesses to change and implement required Health and Safety policies and procedures;
  • Train all staff to effectively participate in their Health and Safety Roles; and
  • Assist businesses in Accident, Incident and Near Miss Situations.
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What can you expect from EmploySafeNZ Limited:

  • Practical and Personalised H&S Advice specific to your business operations;
  • Step by step implementation of H&S policies and procedures;
  • Be available to provide H&S support for your organisation;
  • Assist your business to implement all necessary and relevant H&S policies and procedures;
  • Identify workplace hazards within your work environments and create hazard registers for your business;
  • Select and train management and other staff members to be H&S Representatives or H&S Committee Members within your business;
  • Provide advice and support when engaging Worksafe in the event of an employee having a serious harm accident;
  • Provide ongoing up to date H&S information relevant to your business.

We can undertake and provide you with the following:

  • A Health & Safety Manual personalised to your business;
  • Documents:
    • A Health & Safety Policy;
    • A Personalised Hazard Register;
    • All Employee Participation Forms;
    • A system for Training Records; and
    • A selection of other documents appropriate to your business including Handbooks, Standard Management Procedures and many more;
  • Access to an Online Document System (Where you can print out your templates keep an electronic version of your manual and supporting documents)

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