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What I Do


Health and Safety Documentation


Our specialist knowledge and practical advice helps ensure your business is Compliant with Health and Safety Legislation and Industry Codes of Practice, whilst ensuring your entire teams safety.


Health and Safety Compliance: Audits, Meetings, Records

We can assist with implementing a Health and Safety meeting and recording regime that is practical and works with your business practices in a timely and regular manner.



Health and Safety Representative Training

Training is focused and personalised so your staff can apply it to everyday practices within your business. We can cater for individual employees or for groups depending on the needs of your Business.


Human Resources


EmploySafeNZ provides Human Resources advice for small to medium sized businesses to support their day to day Human Resource activities.

Practical and sound advice personalised to your Business Operations.

Why Choose Me

Values And Goals

  • Accountability

    Taking responsibility for our actions, activities and commitment to clients and colleagues, seeking continual improvement with the goal to be a leader in the Industry.

  • Collaboration

    Working with you to develop and achieve the best outcome for you and your business practices.

  • Communication

    Clear, concise, open, friendly and pragmatic.  We say it as it is to ensure open and honest communication at all times.

  • Timely

    We understand that time is precious and we will be on time, sure not to waste your time and provide timely services to suit your business needs.

  • Courage

    Providing strong, balanced and pragmatic advice to our clients even if it may mean taking the hard road.  We will always be upfront and set out your needs and requirements.

  • Ingenuity

    Developing practical and appropriate solutions to personally suit your business and operations.  Knowing that no one solution fits all situations nor businesses.

  • Integrity

    Operating in an ethical and fair manner through honesty, reliability and genuine concern for our clients and colleagues.

  • Practical

    Solutions focused working with your business and its practices. Ease in implementation and where possible one solution to ensure compliance of multiple matters.

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